Man lost for 2 days in city drainage system




Unluckily for him he didn't encounter the sewer's "apotheosis of cool".


Surely it's creepy murderous extra-dimensional clowns you have to fear in the storm drains?


They alll FLOAT down here!


There's also the CHUDs to worry about.


"Behold, The UNDERMINER!
I live beneath you, but nothing is beneath me!"


Mole Man?


Nah, these are Molemen.


Too add insult too injury, "The Man" never recovered the allegedly dropped $20. Weird article, police and journalists covering the incident forgot too ask "The Man" his name.


Florida Man was probably visiting relatives in OK...


Everyone already knows who The Man is--he's the one who's always trying to keep a brother down.


+1 internet for Underdog Reference


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