Man on early morning walk killed by elephant

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I remember one evening going grocery shopping just to find an Elephant standing in the middle of the sidewalk on my way back.
Turns out that a circus had made camp nearby and the Elephant’s keeper was taking it to go walkies.


Homicidal elephant? Thought they were generally peaceful.

OK, maybe not the German ones.

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Years ago I worked for our state road authority I did after hours work on the traffic signal system which involved going to remote buildings late at night. On one such call out I found that a circus had been built around the site, so I had to walk past chained up elephants to get to the front door, in the dark. I told my boss about it the next day and he was more concerned about be encountering the circus operator with a shotgun or a dog than the elephants.

But chaos theory proves that the large, intelligent, dangerous animal will always escape from the enclosure.

You can’t argue with Science.


Life finds a way…


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Wait, I think I’ve seen this episode of Columbo. The killer trained the elephant to attack, and then released her at the exact time and place the victim usually took his morning stroll…

The real question is… did this man live a fantastical life that ended in a suitably bizarre way, or did he have the most uneventful, mundane, sedate existence for 65 years only to be finished by a circus elephant?

Don’t ever call the universe boring.


what a crazy way to go, circus elephant.

how would the police officer make that phone call without being hung up on and written off as a sick prankster?

While you distinguish the African from the Indian elephant by its ears, the German elephant is easily recognized by its little moustache?


“the villain of the week is the zookeeper, his weapons include… Stampy, the elephant who never forgets… TO KILL”

(Paraphrased from the episode of Futurama where Fry and Leela get “miracle cream” from Zoidberg that gives them short-lived super powers)


No - it’s still in the ears. One is right-angled down, the other up,

Thus is Dumbo Godwinned.


Hope they don’t hang this one.

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Where’s Thomas Edison when you really need him…

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Man I hate mornings like that.


I was surprised to learn that there are still circuses that have elephants.

More evidence from today: Zoo animals loose in streets after deadly floods hit Georgian capital

The Axis of Awesome (a sort of Australian version of Jonathan Coulton or They Might Be Giants) had this to say on one of their albums:

“I feel it is our responsibility as artists today to try and deal with some serious issues that plague our world, and so this next song is about a very serious issue indeed. It is something that I’ve struggled with in my life, it is something that grips our nation - And that issue, ladies and gentlemen, is animals escaping from zoos. Each year, less than 12 animals escape from zoos across the planet earth and wider surrounding regions. This issue not only affects the small and medium sized animals, but also the large, extra-large and double extra large as well.”

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