Elephant charges and flips safari truck in Zambia, killing 80-year-old American tourist

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I mean, they aren’t called “wildlife” for no reason, are they?


The lion is famous for being a big scary predator but African elephants still kill more than twice as many people every year. (Still not nearly as dangerous as hippos though.)


Yeah I have no desire to go on any kind of safari or trip or excursion or anything where I would be remotely within charging distance of an elephant, hippo, bison, or elk. These animals are massive. There was an enclosure near where I lived in Missouri that had bison and elk. You could drive by, and even get out of your car and watch them, but there was always a fence between the animals and the people. I didn’t realize until I got out of my car to get a close look just how big elk are. And elephants are waaaay bigger. I don’t understand why people would want to get this close without something in between.


Wow, did that video bring on a flashback.

Several years ago I was lucky enough to be in SA for a while. I was with family at a private lodge and we were briefly charged by a ticked off rhino. Fortunately for us, I suppose, that particular rhino was a known asshole and our guide was ready for it. He (rhino, not guide) reportedly once lifted the front of a fully-loaded land rover, which earned him a partial horn-ectomy (it wasn’t poached; they reportedly destroyed it). Still, terrifying experience when an animal like that gets inside the focal length of your camera!

On the flip side, it’s really amusing to learn that the vociferous “Hey! Hey! Hey!” is universal. It actually worked in our case. We still joke about it to this day.

So unfortunate for these folks.


I think I know the area you’re talking about, though I’ve only been there once. I got to see a bunch in Colorado, though.

But yeah, I also grew up with a giant elk rack my dad had a on a wall, and how much more massive it was compared to white tailed deer racks.

It’s right by Missouri Town 1855, outside of Lees Summit, near Lake Jacomo.

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Yep, that’s it!

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On the flip side,
Too soon, dude. Too soon.


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