Man paves road with unwashed clam shells, neighbors are sickened by stench


That is utterly hypnotic.


Not a big deal, unless you happen to live next door and have to smell it all summer. I would be right angry were I a neighbor.


So what sort of reward would there be in getting a bunch of old mash from a brewery to put over the top? Better smell, or just immediate restitution to the driver’s hospitaler?


Nah, it’ll be mostly odorless in a few days, white washed sand in a month. The only one making a significant lasting stink here is the neighbor.




I grew up a half-block from waterfront. The minor streets in my neighbourhood were all paved with oyster shells. When they repaved, the place smelled at high tide the way it smelled at low tide. For a few weeks, then the stench went back to its twice-daily miasma.

I don’t remember the shells ever doing bad tire damage. Boy, did I ever get sliced up on them a few times by falling off a bicycle.


What, exactly, is your point? As I read it, you’re saying a couple of months of stench and fly infestation at the height of summer is no big deal. Oh, and let’s not forget the influx of scavenger birds and other fauna…


Don’t forget the rats that will be attracted and then stay around.


My point exactly, is that it’s not a big deal. This is a private road in the country side, it’s not in a tightly packed suburban allotment. It’s not a big deal. I bet it stinks less today already than it did yesterday, and it will smell even less tomorrow. Have a nice day!


If only he’d given those clam shells a seductive name, everyone would be happy.


I have not the .gif to share with you on how your comment makes me feel.

Ebullient and verdant in humanity … I mean … THIS is fecundity.

You’ve earned the rare Punch-A-NAZI Badge!


Perhaps a “midden”?


You feed that to pigs son.

Pacific razor clams max out at around 6". Atlantic Jackknife/razor clams can get a bit longer but not by much.

I think there are related species that are frickin huge. But they aren’t particularly common, and I’m not sure where their range is. And IIRC they’re all relatively thin shelled. Its sort of a thing with that whole group of species.

And as for them being relatively small these days. When I was a kid (80’s) short razor/jackknife clams were all you’d find. Water was all fucked up and whole sections of the wetlands were dying out. Now a days 6-9" jackknife clams are relatively easy to pull from the water. In fact I ate a plate of them in Philly last week.


Maybe you have them thin-skinned razor clams down south. They grow em thick up nawth. I hear there is a 6 foot unshaven razor clam with a 10-inch thick shell who has beers every Thursday at Murphy’s in Halifax.



Just another of the ills that come with socialized medicine. Clams that grow fat and sassy by sucking on the government teet. I bet they can even point out Swaziland on a map or some other communistic ivory tower bullshit.



Wow. I never expected so many Linux puns on an article about rotting clam shells. bb, I love you so.


That’s an album name, I think. (Curse Jeff Tidball and his #bandoralbum for making me consider every statement as either a Band or and Album.)

Also a good album.


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