Man places boy inside rhino enclosure at zoo

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That fence. It’s basically 2x4 and chicken wire. Is there some other barrier that we just aren’t seeing in the pic? Maybe a moat or something?


In my day, wild animals didn’t have fences and I turned out fine!


So we refer to him as “rino-boy” for now on? And he was seemingly very far from danger after all.


I thought the same thing. The fence might also be steel beams with the wood tacked on the make it less industrial looking. If it is just a wooden fence, it will make zero difference which side you’re on if the Rhino is pissed off.


What is it about zoos that people ignore fences? I have seen shit like this in person at more than one zoo.


WOW I misread that as

Man places boy inside rhino


I totally came here expecting to find out that’s what Donald Trump did with that crying baby…


“And I thought they smelled bad on the outside.


Christ, what an idiot.

However, the people who thought about filming and taking photos and did not actually call neither the staff nor cops if the guy was not willing to come to his senses (the zoo obviously wasn’t aware of it until now) should be prosecuted along with the idiot parent. What were they waiting for? To not miss a chance to have a gory facebook/youtube “viral” ??? :scream:

What in the world is wrong with these people …


And I suppose you people have a better way to toughen the boy up?


Man, would’ve been great if the kid got killed. That would’ve taught old grandpa a lesson about ignoring rules eh?

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Yes, the animals are inside a dug out area. From memory, haven’t been in Dubln Zoo for some time. There are IIRC, large boulders and the fence runs on top of them.

So you could easily climb into the area and drop down to where the rhinos are but are not in immediate danger just by being on the wrong side of the fence.

That said we are in danger of turning into Florida on this site.

Just seen the picture a few posts above now. Seems higher up when you are there, I think the ground slopes down towards the boulders/wall.


Tapir nearly did it to a kid a year or two ago in that zoo, far less dangerous than rhinos…

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Yeah, the kid’s standing on top of an 8-foot-or-so wall of rock, with a dug dry-moat at its base. See 3d Google Maps view with kid’s position marked at

The only way the kid could possibly be in danger from one of those rhinos is if Gramps lets go of him and lets him fall into the moat.

And it looks to me like Gramps has a pretty firm grip for just that reason.

I’m not condoning this, but the Internet’s outraged rush to viral judgement based on a single photo is pretty impressive.

Especially given the necessary assumption that that flimsy welded-wire-sandwiched-by-2x4s fence is all that protects the public from the rhinoceri.

That would have to come from the Really Dumb Design Department, and I’m not sure the Dublin Zoo has one of those (-:


My extensive studies of zoo docusoaps have taught me that rhinos do not appreciate surprises and they are not into subtle responses. If it shouldn’t be there, it gets the horn. Repeat as necessary.


In places outside the United States it is usually your own responsibility to keep yourself safe from dangerous animals.

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Especially for those jumping rhinos able to leap up out of the ditch, or over it and then clear the rock-wall.


a good old fashioned rhinoplasty


When I was a kid, I had some rhinoplasticine. It was great, until the poachers shot it all. Plus some of it gored my brother real bad.