Man places boy inside rhino enclosure at zoo


Not to be contrary, but aren’t fences put in place for a reason? If the zoo wanted people to be on the inside of the fence, they would have put in a gate.


I could get really boring about the Occupiers Liability Act, McNamara v ESB, contributory negligence etc. here…

Suffice it to say that this does not entirely cover the situation in Irish law (or even most places in Europe) the fact that somebody was acting the tool would be taken into account but I’m pretty sure the zoo will now be beefing up that fence after having received warning of free range idiots roaming their premises.


Well… rhinos will soon be extinct.
He wanted his grandson to have one last chance to be gored.


Band name!



“Time to become a man, son. Go get him.”


I think the fence is there to keep humans out of the ditch.


This reminds me of a sign in the swamp area at Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, that shows a person holding a baby over the rail and an alligator popping up out of the water below.

I always thought of it as the “do not feed babies to alligators” sign.


Probably, they had just encountered an elephant with three balls.

(Walk him, and pitch to the rhino!)


Saw that movie, mostly. Yes, Boy inside rhino: comma enclosure at zoo.

Zoo will necessarily need to either lash three rhinoceros tranq. bullets together to make a grandfather bullet, or hand grandfather a cheap scotch of some gingeration and thank him for coming.


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