Man rams car into restaurant, killing own daughter

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Sounds like Rob has a case of the Mondays…


Here’s an inoculation for this horrible event:

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More and more, I feel like we’re living in “The Screwfly Solution.”


I actually think murder was not the end goal here: The low chances of death, and high chances of serious injury instead means that the guy was probably just horribly irresponsible.

But hey, maybe he did want them all dead. Who knows?

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his daughter and his daughter-in-law, Amanda Self, a nurse.

Does this imply she married her own brother?


Oh, this happened in North Carolina. What are he odds the man was originally from Florida?

(sees the man is white) Chorus of articles explaining that the killer was a perfectly normal guy and nobody can understand what made him do this in 3, 2, 1…


The article says he went into the restaurant with the victims, then excused himself, went outside, and rammed the car into the building. Sounds like premeditated murder to me.

(obligatory NRA response): Of course, if only the diners had been armed with anti-tank launchers, this tragedy would never have happened. (/S)


Okay so that is a thing… and not sure that makes my Monday any happier. Weirder for sure.


Rammell, the pastor at Venture Church, told Channel 9 that Roger Self was suffering from mental illness. He considered Self to be one of his best friends.

Rammell said Roger Self has been dealing with mental illness, including anxiety, depression, and mental breakdowns in recent months, and he had sought medical help.

“Family has been loving him through this,” Rammell said. “He’s been taking precautions. He had all the guns removed from his house, so he was taking steps that were rational steps."

So the guy was having issues, obviously. But by your comment it seems you’re alluding to an alternative reason? Lone wolf domestic terrorism?

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Black people who kill are monsters. White people who kill have emotional or mental problems. When a man kills a woman, there are always reasons advanced as to why he would have done it, along with a chorus of people wondering what came over him, but all the wondering and rationalization somehow always lets toxic sexism and misogyny off the hook.


Maybe we should achieve equality by being more understanding for black people rather than less understanding for white people. The report sounds like he was trying to get help.


If you intend to “seriously injure” someone and kill them in the process then that’s still first-degree murder.


Mmm - I am not saying your characterization wrong, though it feels a bit strawmanny here. And in this case, yeah, this doesn’t appear to be a case of simple domestic violence.


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Because there has to be one simple reductionist reason or else what?

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I could not figure the relations out either. I thought at one point that his daughter had married a woman?

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How do you get that? It sounds to me like the daughter is lesbian–which is probably why he did this.

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There’s only one name, therefore the daughter is the daughter-in-law. Like that scene at the end of Chinatown.

I wonder when the NRA is going to point out that, if he had used a gun there would have been much less property damage.

Jail records show he’s been charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of his daughter and his daughter-in-law, Amanda Self, a nurse. The Gaston Gazette reports Amanda Self was the wife of Gaston County Police Officer Josh Self, who also was seriously injured, along with Roger Self’s wife, Diane, and the 13-year-old daughter of Josh and Amanda Self.

Yes, it’s worded like crap, but his daughter-in-law, Amanda Self, is married to his son – also at the table, and injured – police officer Josh Self. Plus his son and daughter-in-laws’ own child, and the driver’s wife, both of whom may or may not have been injured.

No lesbian couple is involved from how I’m reading it.

Further down it goes on to say:

Katelyn Self was a four-year veteran of the Gaston County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Alan Cloninger told The Charlotte Observer. The sheriff said the deputy had worked as a corporal in the jail and was off duty when she was fatally injured.

I do not know from the context if Katelyn is the name of his daughter that had been left out of the earlier paragraph, or if she’s someone that died at some other time… Whoever wrote this should be sent to the corner.

I’m guessing she is his daughter.