Man manages to shoot himself & his daughter while changing her diaper at Chuck E Cheese in Alabama


Is the gun okay?


What the actual fuck?


Aside from the lower levels of mass shootings, this is another type of article that isn’t commonplace in countries with more rules and less fetishization of firearms as in the States.

Funny how when not everyone is carrying, and those that do tend to follow safety rules as a condition of that privilege (as opposed to if you can sign a form, you’re good to go), you get less of these kind of incidents.


Man carries gun into Chuck E Cheese.
Accidently shoots himself and daughter.

These seem to be checking off the right boxes.

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Concealed carry is legal [in Alabama] with a concealed carry permit/license. Alabama does not require the applicant to complete a firearms safety course or otherwise demonstrate knowledge of firearms safety prior to issuance of a pistol permit.

Are “No Weapons Allowed” signs enforced in Alabama? No. Not mentioned in state statutes.

Alabama’s arrangement seems almost designed to guarantee incidents like this. It’s probably not the only such state.


Maybe he feared for his life? Some diapers are pretty damn scary.


How sad. I don’t think it’s safe to assume the father is a hillbilly who deserves to be shot. He might be a devoted father who might have a good reason or a stupid reason to carry. Thank God the child is safe.

I don’t understand. How is it physically possible for this to happen? Ricochet?

Am I missing something? There doesn’t seem to be any mention of who did the shooting in the link provided.

especially after a few hours at a Chuck e Cheese…


The article specifically says the incident happened in the parking lot, so maybe this idiot did not actually take it inside of the establishment.

On a more serious note, I’d really like incidents like this to be framed more properly as negligence, because that’s what it is.


That’s possible, although Alabama does allow licensed citizens to carry concealed weapons.

People in concealed carry states like Alabama will carry around a firearm in a backpack, purse, jacket pocket, etc. In this case it was a diaper bag.

Plenty of ways for that to go wrong from misfire while in the bag, to the child getting a hold of the weapon and discharging it.


Too bad it didn’t end up like this…

" Good Guy With a Gun Defends Our Species

(27 Nov 2018, Arizona) The Buckeye Police Department reports that a man accidentally shot his own sausage while shopping in the meat aisle at Walmart. Arizona law does not require a permit (nor a holster for that matter) to carry a firearm, so our hero felt free to carry his piece “commando-style” (unholstered) beneath his waistband. When the unholstered gun drifted down into his jeans, he reached in and pulled the trigger while repositioning his weapon. This loose cannon’s low hanging fruit didn’t have a chance. Firearm supporters can add this event to the arsenal of ammunition against gun control. Guns really do make a difference."

(TLDR) Darwin Award for

A. removing himself from the gene pool.

B. no longer able to reproduce.

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The man has died:


Is it too early to nominate for a (posthumous) Darwin Award? (Asking for a friend).

I’d wonder if that Chuck E Cheese lacked changing tables in the Men’s Room, but if so, perhaps it was just as well?

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