Man recycles flip-flops into fantastic action figures


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Those are pretty dope. I wonder how much material he gets in a regular basis and where does one find that many discarded flip flops?


Esp. Love the Hellboy and predator figs


cease and desist from Marvel, Disney, Fox in 3…2…1…


I doubt they’d want the bad publicity over shutting down a likely impoverished man’s income in a 3rd world country.


uh. Have you been looking at headlines lately? Don’t bet on it.


“Mommy, why does Wolverine smell like Daddy’s feet?”


Somebody! Hire him! Now!


If they’re handmade, it’s technically art, so…


Ever hear the joke about two opposing lawyers trapped together in a room?



I know about the ouroboros.

Would two be… a twoboros?



And if its 2 related male snakes is it:

Duoboro bros?


I don’t know how many iterations there could be… but I’m willing to cry uncle.



Dude, we’re talking lawyers here, C’mon!



a sexagintanovemoros


Marvel, from what I’ve heard, is at least pretty cool about small scale monetized fan art of their IP.
The other two, on the other hand, not so much.


Let’s remember who owns Marvel now though.


Disney has had a long history of having their IP illegally used in small markets, its almost impossible to really keep an eye on it all because its so low level and local. It’s likely more worth their time watching Alibaba or other large trading platforms for counterfeits than some random guy in a village/town unless he’s pulling a ton of money.

This also goes for the US. I have quite a few friends that do art for a living and they do a lot of fan art, most of it flies under the radar but every now and then they might get a take down request if something they’re selling is a bit too good.