Man takes the "cheapest" survival tool kit into the woods

Well that’s weird. I have the horrible feeling the $30 claim was false. Or maybe a case of “here review our $30 item” and he never clocked the real price. But frankly everyone’s either reviewing stuff they buy or at least using affiliate links: how could you review something from Amazon and not know the price?

UPDATE: Interestingly he never links to it in the YouTube review, so he’s NOT affiliate linking (at least not now). The one I picked up is the one everyone’s talking about, but it seems to have been tracked down in the comments, by readers.

So either the seller lied about the price (perhaps abusing the reviewer’s trust) or maybe it was to a different, now-dead listing.

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That poor tree.

I thought that was odd too, that he wasn’t actually affiliate linking any of these survival items that he was reviewing. But then I don’t know if youtube has changed their policy about advertising and monetizing products recently. I think they may have, and he was particularly affected by it.

Knowledge is the only survival tool you really need.


You can do better by going to the source, as long as you can round up 499 friends who also want one:

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Dude, everybody knows that the metric system is a commie plot to bring down the USA.

Don’t get me started.

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How many people have a usable cellular signal in the wilderness?

I don’t know. [Why ask me?] ( [I’ll just use a search engine] (, and post links to articles
about [hikers being rescued through the use of cell phones] (

ETA: answering via email chews links up, apparently.

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I would prefer the “cheapest” survival tool kit to the cheapest “survival” tool kit.

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The cheapest survuval kit is called “a knife”.

An argument could be made for the hatchet alternative.

Depends on the task at hand. Its usually good to have both a knife and a good axe or hatchet. Some might prefer a machete instead of the axe since that’s handy for brush clearing as well, if space wasn’t a huge issue just bring both.

sometimes it’s useful to have a review by someone who knows how to test the product.

Shopping site reviews are often written by someone who has been nagged into writing a review a week after purchase, and doesn’t know what a properly engineered rival is capable of.

In the US, the length of a fish often determines whether it must be released. And the signs and regulations use inches.

Would that be this one?

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