Man trying to fix broken windshield ticketed on way to repair shop

Cop’s struggling brother-in-law must have a come-to-you windshield repair business.


“But it wasn’t unsafe. He made it there just fine, and could see well enough to drive.”

By that logic drunk drivers are perfectly safe to drive as long as they make it home without an accident.

While I agree a warning would have been reasonable there are plenty of people who will claim they are on their way to get something fixed to avoid a ticket when they were not. I’ve done it myself to my shame.

Yeah… “I swear, I’m actually on my way to get it fixed right now” would almost certainly be the most common excuse that these officers hear on a daily basis.

And that is why police officers and judges have discretion, as was pointed out in the story. It’s just that the discretion should have been for the cop to let him go since he was clearly working to fix it. If we adhere to black and white interpretations of the law, we should all be in jail and fined into poverty since we all break laws everyday, whether we’re aware of it or not.


Assuming it actually happened (and I see no reason to assume otherwise) it is news. If the news starts to look to you like cop-bashing, you might stop and think about the fact that if cops didn’t constantly act like total assholes, the news wouldn’t always look like cop bashing.


Are you proposing that he have the car towed to the auto glass shop (and turn a somewhat costly repair into a really costly one)?

Cops do have discretion in these affairs. It’s the fact that the driver was stopped “yards away” from the shop that makes this less about safety and more a money grab. The cop would have been perfectly within his rights to escort the driver to the shop, which would have done equally well in ensuring the repair was made, and wasted a great deal less of everyone’s time (and money).


he can beat the charge but not the ride


Why are you suggesting it was “unsafe?” What was “unsafe” about it?


Cops are people. Sometimes, people are pricks! Therefore, sometimes cops are pricks. At least the guy didn’t get shot.

I guess it’s a good spot to camp if you’re going for “ticketing employee of the month”

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