Man unclear on how to get a camera out of his face

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Seems more like the cameraman is just going the same direction as the grumpy dude, no?


Stop reading this comment!


I think the guy just doesn’t feel like he has to alter his direction of travel or gaze just because someone is pointing a camera at him. Seems reasonable.


I’m going with staged (or perhaps “skit” would be a more polite and accurate term) but I got a kick out the gradual reversal. “Please stop pointing your face at my camera!”

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LOL Just another day in the city.

It’s Clarence the puppet from Wonder Showzen! Puppet is voiced by Vernon Chatman, who wrote for Conan and Xavier: Renegade Angel, as well as voicing Towlie the stoned towel, Tiger Woods, and other characters on South Park.

Another classic is Clarence exploring Freedom of Speech.


Method and Madness are evident.

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Has Wonder Showzen disappeared from the collective memory? I guess so.


My kid is 19 and I still might not let her watch it. Great show though.

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This video is at least a year old. But it’s still funny.

When I was a kid, I had a friend who would torment his little brother with an annoying puppet. Eventually, his little brother would lash out and strike at the puppet in frustration. Then my puppeteer friend would lower the puppet to his side and adopt faux concern: “It’s just a puppet, younger sibling, surely your conflict is with me and not with this bit of cloth. It’s not real and I am concerned about your desire to inflict violence upon a toy.”

It is the technique of a true bastard.


Looks like a game of chicken to me - both sides pulling status to get the other to back down.

What never fails to amuse is that they always interact with the puppet, even at their angriest.

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Nice choice of music :smile:

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Wonder Showzen!

Kids show, kids show.
Oh good lord it’s a kids show.
Kids show, kids show.
Can’t believe it’s a kids show.


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So, the guy who is being accosted should have done something other than politely but grumpily ask to be left alone?

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People posting content for consumption never questions the content anymore. No research, no critical thinking, no questions. As long as it sells or brings in viewers. Petition to officially change the word “News” to “Click-Bait”!

This is not funny at all. I regret to have watched it.

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