Man who attacked attendant on Tokyo flight ordered to pay $50k for causing overnight diversion

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That behavior is truly scary for crew and for passengers. I wish they would ban these people from flying. Even a one-year ban would send a message.


This would be a great time to implement deferred sentences like they have in some Scandinavian countries. Though there it is usually so that the person being sentenced can put things in order like elder care and child care prior to serving their sentence, but it would be a more humane approach that shipping someone off to face COVID risks in prison without having to completely punt the prison term.


At one point he even yelled “I will kill you.”

That one never earns you friends, ever.


Possible explanation for his erratic behavior? Diabetics undergoing spikes or drops in blood sugar are sometimes arrested for being drunk in public or for acting in a deranged manner.

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Except he WAS drinking as outlined in the main article and they refused to serve him more. In addition to alcoholism he had an acute case of assholism.


I mean, if you’re a diabetic, you’re advised NOT to drink, right?

The man’s attorney claimed that his client suffered from diabetes, and that this combined with alcohol, may have caused his behavior

Love that passive stance. If you have diabetes, you should already know drinking is a bad idea.


No. I’m diabetic & I can sometimes be a jerk. However, the two are mutually exclusive. Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) can make one feel confused, sweaty, weak, etc.; but it doesn’t change your overall behavior. The symptoms do resemble inebriation, but your behavior does not change.

If anything, you become too weak and/or confused to respond to commands. At that point I’d be trying to ask for an orange juice (or anything with sugar, really).

Yeah, well…it’s all I got, so…


Well I am sure glad I read this article! I was thinking about getting liquored up and raising a ruckus on the flight I’m taking tomorrow.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention

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