Man who created islamophobic children's book with Pepe the frog ordered by court to give profits to Muslim charity

But is there ever a Stephen Miller exchange that isn’t bizarre? I mean, I expect the shaming and mocking tone from all of Trump’s spokespeople, but it’s the barely checked rage from Miller that’s so off putting. I’m honestly surprised they even let him speak at all. If you’re trying to spin a failing administration, and win the undecideds over, a spokesperson that projects nothing but contempt might not be the guy you want out there.

When stripping away the context and symbolism I find the few pieces of artwork I’ve seen from this book to be quite lovely.

Too bad the context behind it is so awful.


I prefer to think of myself as an EPCOT-ist.


Parentheses are so yesterday.


ETA: “Breitbart Jerusalem”? WTF?


“Oh no, br’er Fox, not the briar patch!”

Hey now, my brother in law is head(?) custodian at a local elementary school. It’s probably the first job he’s really liked and the kids love him.


It is nothing new and it has been going on for a long time on all sides. The first time I noticed it is when the MSM ran off Noam Chomsky decades ago for expressing anti-Zionist views and labeling him anti-Semitic. Professor Chomsky was way too far left for anyone to stick up for him on the right, and he became a permanent fixture of the lefty underground. Meanwhile the term Zionist fell away from common use and ceased to mean anything…

I am pretty much done arguing about the meaning of words anymore. I guess that makes me an alt-human.


I tried to find the book in PDF form or scanned, and no such luck.

This article though shed some light on it:

Yeah, it’s pretty obvious what he was going for. I guess if one spends some time on 4chan this would all seem natural and “funny”.


In the alt-right view of things, traditional left-right differences are replaced with nationalism versus globalism. If you believe that governments should regulate business corporations, you are a nationalist on the same side as the alt-right. If you believe that all humans are equal, you are a globalist on the same side as Wall Street. Yiu cannot be anti-racist and anti-capitalist, because that means holding nationalist and globalist positions at the same time.

Erm, the rest of the world doesn’t really see him that way. He’s certainly mainstream enough to deliver testimony to the UN after all.



But they aren’t trying to do that, which is why they use Miller.

They aren’t looking to win an election. They’re looking to remove the possibility of ever losing one.


Nothing is true, all is permitted.

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So IP is suddenly a good thing??? Weird…

Must… resist… obvious…


The gentle-but-firm education in the thread following this post is a beautiful thing:


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