Man who created islamophobic children's book with Pepe the frog ordered by court to give profits to Muslim charity


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Hauser (right) was an assistant principal at a North Texas middle school, until Denton Independent School District officials found out about the book and removed him from that position. According to the Dallas News, Hauser “will be reassigned to a yet-to-be-determined role that will not involve being a campus administrator or educator, the district said.”

Awesome, they aren’t even going to fire the guy and they’re going to give him a position that involves him not being around obnoxious teens. This sounds like a promotion if anything.


That might count as constructive dismissal though (I don’t know if that is a thing in Texas)


Hauser may claim not to align with the alt-right, but they align with him. The Trump supporters on Reddit are going apeshit over this book getting pulled, over the money going to CAIR/ “terrorists,” and how Pepe is only offensive to Globalists (aka the fictional international Jewish conspiracists who haunt their dreams).


Some supporters of President Donald Trump call themselves centipedes.

Is this seriously a thing now? I am trying to process why any group of supporters would venture to identify as centipedes, and I just can’t get my head around it. They’re icky.


That guy looks exactly like I figured he’d look.

edit re centipedes: My understanding is that at some point during the election process, some member of the librul media referred to the 4channy faction of the nazi front as centipedes, and they embraced the label.


It’s probably largely the same group of people that wear the moniker “deplorable” proudly in their Twitter display names. Probably next to emoji of a frog and a glass of milk. American flag optional.


Similar to embracing “deplorables”.

I wonder how far they’re willing to allow their “enemies” to label them? And will they live up to the labels?

Are they willing to be “despicable pieces of shit”?

How about “accepting and loving of all others”?


I gotta keep up with this “Globalists” thing. I definitely knew/know lots of people against “globalization” - that is, governments handing over sovereignty to multi-national corporations under the guise of “trade deals”. I suppose that “We don’t want an US company to be able to sue our government to make them get rid of environmental protections” and “We don’t want an EU partner to force us to take damn dirty immigrants” agree on the sovereignty issue. But damn of these anti-semites don’t just suck up all the vocabulary.


WilmerHale is also the law firm who just dropped Paul Manafort like a hot potato. Or centipede, as the case may be.


Apparently there was a mashup video of one (some?) of the Republican debate(s) with footage of a centipede killing a tarantula. Damn they’re pointless.

Edited to add: I don’t know whether this mashup was the cause or an effect of what @summanulla mentioned above.


At some point last year some YouTuber was making videos called “Can’t Stump the Trump” Apparently, the opening music for the videos was a song by Knife Party called “Centipede”. I say apparently, because I never watched any of it, or bothered to look up the song until now. But now that I have watched the Knife Party video, it definitely looks like that is where the term ‘centipede’ came from. The spoken word into to the song has other terms I’ve heard Trumpsters use like ‘nimble navigator’ and ‘this centipede is a predator’

It’s kind of strange that song/video from an Australian group that seems heavily influenced by William S. Burrough’s would be a rallying cry for Trumpsters, but sure, why not, nothing else makes sense anymore. I refuse to provide a link to the “Can’t Stump the Trump” but the Knife Party video is meh. I don’t know if Knife Party is/was OK with the appropriation by Trumpsters, but the YouTube comments are a hellhole of Trump garbage.


The logic isn’t strong with them. Apparently George Soros is funding the downfall of America by weakening us internationally so that evil Muslims can move in and take our freedoms while the Clintons kill anyone in their path, or something. They depict their political opponents as caricatures of movie supervillains bent only on destruction and world domination. Because no one would authentically be a leftist without intending to destroy the world…? My brain hurts thinking about it too much.


Anyone who remembers The Mary Whitehouse Experience would have a different view on people who are obsessed by milk.


Again with the projection from these guys.


Considering how many people are delusional enough to just swallow whatever illogical nonsense that someone else pulls out of their ass, I think it’s an unintentionally apt metaphor.


They are just the most unbashed manifestation of republican identity politics. For decades republicans have been selling tax-cuts for the rich coated in a frosting of straight, white, evangelical male identity politics. Its to a point now where the frosting has become the entire cake. Anyone not in their group is not a “real american” - that’s why they sold trump as the last chance to “take america back.”

PS - I like centipedes. Not the nasty-ass 6-inch+ deep-red and brown ones that you can’t even kill if you run them over with your car. But the little guys that zoom around my walls in the summer. Those house centipedes are even better hunters than spiders, they kill a lot of annoying bugs, don’t leave a mess and they stay out of my way.


It evolved weirdly. First “globalists” were Soros followers who supported a global viewpoint (immigration, trade, and open societies), but Breitbart and 4chan started using the term exclusively as an epithet for Jewish people, especially politically or financially connected ones. Often with lots of (((parenthesis))). So now when you hear the term used, it’s nearly always meant as an anti-semitic slur, rather than a signifier that someone thinks that the entire world is a pretty cool place to collaborate with.


The nazis used to say (((cosmpolitan))) instead of (((globalist))). That was really the only way to take Stephen Miller’s accusation that Acosta had a “cosmopolitan bias” because the straightforward definition of the word was the opposite of what Acosta was doing. That was such a bizarre exchange, unless you were an alt-reicher.


They are more accurately called internationalists (not that I’d expect the far right to care about the difference).