Man with "tail" worshipped as god


Ooh, now I’m excited for season two of Orphan Black!


Let’s sic Mitt Romney on him :slight_smile:

He’s hardly the only man whose tail has been deemed worthy of worship.

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Sadly, my parents bribed a local vet to have us all docked as children because we broke too many ornaments. And now it could have been a route to an easy career? A fucking sinecure as a minor deity?. Bah. Thanks Mother


Isn’t that “just” a very long braided ponytail of, um, butt hair?


I am sorry, but I find “very long braided ponytail of, um, butt hair” vastly more interesting than just some boring vestigial tail . . .


yyeeah, that is ass hair.

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My mother was born with a short tail. They removed it shortly after she was born. She blamed a lifetime of bad headaches on them doing that.

It just looks like hair… is there more to it?

In Masuco (Masuko), Madre de Dios, Peru, there is a woman named Gregoria Casas and she reportedly has a vestigial tail. She also happens to control the illegal, informal gold-mining activity in the area (or a large portion of it). In part she leverages the symbolic value of her tail to frighten the local, predominantly Quechua miners, etc, as she is considered to be ‘supay’, demonic. If you have ever seen photos of the environmental damage near Puerto Maldonado, you may conclude the same about Gregoria Casas.

If he can wag his tail, he can have my money. Till then, looks like mole hair, very long mole hair.

Ten bucks says it’s just a weave anyway.

A tail would emerge at the coccyx, not in the middle of the lower back.

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I’m trying to think of what it medically is. Spina bifida occulta can cause a patch of hair in that spot, but that’s more hair than I’ve ever seen before. It’s not a ‘tail’ since that would be near the coccyx.

Or it could be just a hoax.

“Man with unusually rich ass hair worshipped as god.”

Man with ass-hair becomes unusually rich.

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