Manatees on ice


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If the water temperature dips below 68 degrees F for very long, they can get sick and die.

So they’re like the human residents of Florida?


Not counting the Canadian snowbirds.

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They use outside water to condense their steam generation water, it’s not used to turn into steam itself. Still makes a nice warm spot for manatees and other beasties.

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They should move to Costa Rica, it’s really nice there.

We scuba dive in Blue Springs when the Manatees are not there. Late or early in the season, the run will have a few of them down towards the St. Johns River. By law we can’t touch them even if they come up to us. Over by Crystal River, they let you touch them while snorkeling.

You can check them out (smile, your on candid camera) them at this website: Sometimes you get to see a mommy and her calf.

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Well, not really a “naturally hot pool” — actually a brisk 73 degrees; man, that feels icy on a hot summer day — but importantly, its temp never varies. So it’s a reliable refuge when other waters threaten to dip below 68.

Coming soon!


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The body of water I’ve spent the most time on in the past few years is Lake Superior. Trust me, 73 is naturally hot. It’s all relative.


Haha, yes, I suppose growing up in Miami, August ocean temp 90-plus, does
color my judgment. But I have also submerged myself in glacial meltwater so
I know where you’re coming from.

Oh, the huge manatee!

Be well Manatees!

Also…Manatees Dressed as X-Men

Especially if they stop earning money…

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