Where the manatees are


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“I wanna be, where the mantees are…”


“I say,
Tell me, tell me, tell me, where do the manatees go”

(“ooo ha o”)


TIL there are at least 3 distinct types of manatee


Where the Manatees are, someone waits for me.




[ETA: I was too quick, the rivers and costal waters are there. Still, the map is misleading, I think.]

The potential distribution area defined by a climatic evelope does not, in any way, represent their natural habitat, nor even their realised climatic niche. [It’s just the very, very narrow costa areas and rivers, which don’t really pop out.]

I’m really not sorry to remind everyone that this are endangered species.

Anyway, why isn’t there a mantee emoji? :manatee:

(FTR, go buy Liz’s book. Thank you.)


During the cold months they hang out in the local nuclear power plant cooling pools here in Miami. Haven’t heard reports of three-eyed versions yet.

I’m fortunate enough to live a block from Manatee Bend Park. We have manatees swimming daily up and down the Little River from inland Miami to Biscayne Bay, often for shallow water warmth. They’re really easy to see/get close to as they like drinking from the sewer system’s freshwater discharge at the river. Anyone visiting Miami who likes manatees should visit, it’s the best spot for a chance at seeing wild ones. Park is near 79th St and Biscayne Blvd.



Will no one think of the humble dugong?


God help us, Max! They’re going to do a number!


Ok, I will!


And let’s not forget the extinct Steller’s sea cow.


Max: “Let the Wild Rumpus start!”

Manatees: (Gentle bobbing)



I will think of the humble dugong.


Wait, what?! Steller gets a western jay and a manatee?! (Holy moly! That dude got lots of critters.)


The Manatee Pope says:

“Bless you, you are a saint to the sirenians!”


Consider the plant of Lapland, lowly, insignificant, disregarded, flowering but for a brief space…

Some are commemorated more often than others.


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