The penguins at the Chicago Aquarium are not practicing social distancing

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have been given free reign to roam and explore



With nobody around, they are figurative lords of the domain.

Besides, maybe they have some emperor penguins.

But seriously, it’s the sort of error I.might make, it’s good to be reminded.


Is there anything stopping penguins from establishing a breeding population in Lake Michigan if they escape?

It would be bad for the great lakes, which already have enough invasive species, but at least it’d be a Cute environmental disaster!

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we’d have to introduce killer whales to the Great Lakes to keep populations in check.

I think penguins might be able live in some places like Traverse City (Michigan). I’m not sure how well they’d fair in Chicago’s summers. They can cool off in the lake, but even the shallow lake water is warm.


Lake Superior would probably be a better bet. I wonder how they’d cope with fresh water, though? It doesn’t offer as much buoyancy as seawater.


Zoos keep some species in freshwater. When I was a kid there would still be ice floes on Lake Superior during summer break, I doubt that is the case anymore. Although in 2014 they had an unusual amount of ice well into late spring.

Food, a place to swim, and suitable breeding grounds are probably all that a penguin needs. And cold temperature is probably not as critical as not too much high temperature. Temperature is possibly a factor during breeding season but I’m no biologist or zoologist. Taking wild guesses here.

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Well, our local Plesiosaur should keep any penguin population in check. Maybe the penguins will enjoy Asian carp!


My sister sent this to me. I feel sad for them. They’re still in captivity while we destroy their environment. But I guess it’s slightly better for them because now we’re in captivity too.

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Isn’t penguin “social distancing” where you push the guy at the front off the ice to see if it’s safe to go in or whether he triggers the killer whale? Perfectly valid health precaution.


Those things are huge. Maybe the Asian carp will enjoy the penguins instead.

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