Watch delighted swimmers flee from curious killer whale


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Three observations:

  • I think she says “you guys are crazy!”

  • I would probably run/swim/waterhop away from an orca despite knowing full well that they don’t attack people.

  • I am disturbed that the word cameraperson, when hyphenated, becomes cameraper son.


Marauder of the seas right there. I guess there are not recorded attacks on humans in the wild, but that is a very deadly animal. I don’t suppose I would have waited to be the first.


East Coast Bias: When I see a big fin I’m out!



That Orca just wanted a lunch date.


Chicago is the best coastal city. Zero shark attacks.


But Da’ Bearz!


LANDSHARK! (2nd City shout out)


They’ve killed (and maimed) enough people in captivity that I can’t blame anyone for choosing not to take any chances.


That’s just because they are smart enough to cover their tracks.


Yup. I’d get out of the water too…


“curious” just make me wonder if he is thinking “I wonder what THESE creatures taste like?”


Yeah - ‘curious killer whale’
as in ‘I wonder what those splashy swimless creatures taste like’


“Killer whales don’t attack people in the wild.”

Yeah, well, something that big might hurt you not meaning too.

Also, you can’t prove a negative. This could be a Hipster Whale who thinks eating humans makes him cool and edgy.

“Most Orcas don’t like the way humans taste, but I’ve developed a refined palette and they can be quite enjoyable if you know which ones to eat.”


To steal a great joke…

If they are such a deadly animal, why didn’t somebody give them a name to warn us that they are so dangerous?


I’d like to point out that Michigan has 3,288 miles of coastline, and not a single shark attack. Ever.


I wonder why they aren’t called “snuggle whales?”


“I ate humans before it was cool”


There’s also not much unpolluted water along those shores either; just sayin’.


So I guess the takeaway is that pollution is the best defense against shark attacks. SCIENCE!