Mandala pattern traced by Earth and Venus as they orbit Sun


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Anyone for string art?

Seems mighty intriguing. Can’t say I’ve ever actually met someone who has tried it, though.


I’d rather see this with proper elliptical orbits myself.


The orbital eccentricities are only 0.0167 for the Earth and 0.0068 for Venus. You would need very precise positions to notice that they aren’t circles.


Of this I am aware. I am a stickler for precision when possible. Also, im fun at parties.


I had no idea that the earth and venus had perfectly circular orbits. Wow learn something new everyday.


Strong in this thread the Pedantry is!


Kepler believed that the orbits of the planets could be nested within each other in Platonic solids. Sadly, as we got better at calculating orbits (and discovered more planets), he had to abandon this theory. It was pretty while it lasted.


I know that Venus as seen from Earth goes through phases like the moon. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think I read that this was Galileo’s first clue that the Earth orbited the sun rather than the other way around.


I did a copper wire ship similar to this one when I was in grade school…


I did string art in grade school (late 70’s - early 80’s). It was good fun until my hormones kicked in.


Mind and space are intimately connected.


For your viewing pleasure, I’ve made plots of ellipses of the relevant eccentricities. I’ve also included a circle for comparison. Actual size of image does not correlate to size of orbit, and all have been scaled. Can you tell which is which?


It’s called the “Pentagram of Venus”!


Yeah, the Spiroman I had as a kid could draw those as well. And it didn’t take years.


Very nice! I see you also made the planets the correct size, instead of showing them some thousand times too large, although our sticklers didn’t seem to mind that. Well, at least I assume you did – it makes them a little hard to find.


Has the ability to see a joke disappeared from these forums?


I wasn’t about to be out-annoying-pedant-ed by some random dude on the internet.

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