Mandy Johnson, 1953-2015


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I’m so sorry, Rob.


Beautiful story, thank you for sharing Rob.


I have no idea what to say or feel about this. Completely overwhelmed. Thank you for sharing.


That’s just beautiful. Thanks for posting this.


I’m so sorry.

Sometimes in times of great grief words fail us. I’m so glad words did not fail you, that you could share what an extraordinary person your mother was.


Wow. (In a good way.) Thank you.

She imparted the lesson that one’s voice can be silenced by the voices of others within oneself.

Yes. I’ve also known people so afflicted, and that really was a sad, hard thing, witnessing that struggle between them and their voices. And yet, the effort put into that struggle can be a lesson, at least, for those of us with more power to resist the voices of others within ourselves. I appreciate this idea.


Wonderful obit. Sorry for your parental loss. My mother’s 91 and her mind is slowly going. Losing her day by day. Thank you for sharing your and her story.


Thank you for sharing, Rob. Your story and your mother’s is truly remarkable.


I’m so sorry for your loss Rob. Peace to you and yours.


Thank you Rob.


I did that too, about 36 years ago.

It’s a harrowing thing, offering a parent “permission” to die.

Thank you for writing about it, so eloquently and honestly, preserving her dignity without glossing over the raw events of her final moments.

From the date of her passing, she seems to have been gone a bit over two years now.

Belated condolences to you and all who were affected by her passing.

May she Rest In Peace


I’m so sorry, Rob.
Your writing about her is beautiful.


at least beyond somewhere


So sorry for your loss, Rob. Being there with a parent at the end is a powerful and profound experience, one that closes out your lifelong story with one of the most important characters in your life. You captured that story beautifully in all its aspects, from prologue to closing.


I am so sorry. You’ve done a wonderful job with her story.


All I can do is echo everyone else and thank you for sharing. Sorry for your loss…


condolences, rob. what a beautiful piece.


I’m sorry for your loss, Rob.

Thank you for writing and publishing such insight into your own family’s life, in a way that others can really connect with.


Maybe the best memoriam I’ve ever read; certainly the best illustrated. Wishing you happy memories of your mother always.