Manhattan's skyline in 2020

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I dunno, with 45 in charge, this seems more likely for 2020 NYC:


That’s a pretty slick bit of web design.


They didn’t show how much will be under the East River.


For a number of reasons, I really dislike those new 57th St. towers.

Regarding that 35-block gap between the financial district and midtown, it may not be all about the bedrock:


" the Freedom Tower will remain the official #1, but much of its height is a spindly antenna."

Like so much these days about our country, it is almost all boast and no real substance.

I suspect it will claim to be the tallest building long after it is clear it is not. Given the current Bozo in Chief I am surprised he doens’t just claim it is the tallest in the world and say that those monster tall buildings in Dubai are “fake news” and not really the tallest because ours is at a higher latitude and so “sticks up more”. or some damn nonsense.

Calling it the “Freedom Tower” when you have go through “security” procedures about on a par with entering prison as a convict is just the perfect Orwellian double speak moment.

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Freedom means never having to admit you’re not number 1 anymore?

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