Man's head audibly ticked like a clock


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Eustachian tubes. Right. That’s just what they want us to believe. Obviously, he was an early prototype Terminator, maybe the Mark III model.


Pirates HATED that guy.


In the clipping, he says it doesn’t bother him, but all I could think of was:


I can do this at will, some how as a kid I found the muscle that opens my eustachian tubes and make them click - if I try hard I can do one or the other individually, it’s great when swimming, I can equalise the ear pressure with a ‘click’.

I can also sit there ticking like a bomb.


More drum machine than Terminator.


Was his middle name “Roland?”


innocent times. today it would be reported as “ticks like a bomb”


You get a groan AND a :+1: (I’m out of likes)


He died in 2001, the year the TSA was established.


I can make a rumbling sound in my ears at will – perhaps we can start some sort of ear-based band?


That must have really wound him up.

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