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I kept waiting to read about what was done about the inevitable flood of phallic objects.

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Jorpho, good question, whole museums could be filled with the collection by now ; ) Now while it’s easy to place something in Manyland, it’s also easy for others to remove it (that is, unless you create a new area, where you can set specific editing rights). On top of that, others will see who created and who placed something, and we can all flag things to speed up removals, so it’s something we tackle together and where everyone helps. We also have a 100 meter zone around spawn where only longstanding manyzens can build. It wasn’t there in the early days of Manyland, and let’s just say, things got a bit hectic at times when many new people arrived at once! Not even just about phallic objects or swastikas, but also about, say, people accidentally placing solids right at the spawn, which would make for an odd welcome!

I just made this account after a decade of near-daily lurking on BB to say:
Thank you, Philip, for Manyland, it is the most altruistic, generous, inspiring place I have ever seen on the web, and has brought untold hours of happiness to many young people of my acquaintance since I first read about it here on this very blog.

One thing to add to the article, for those who don’t know Manyland, is that Philip and Scott are constantly innovating, adding brilliant new meta-content or in-world attractions: themed RPGs, recreations of retro games, parties for special occasions, and such.

Also, in this “programming is the new literacy” era, Manyland surely ranks alongside Scratch or Arduino etc. as a platform to get starters interested in structure, logic, design and programming (there’s both graphic and scripting tools in the game). A fantastic HTML5 showcase too. Bravo guys!


Manyland rocks. It is basically what Second Life would have been if it didn’t suck.

I searched for this information, but I could not find it on their site: are there places that are localized in other languages? This would be a great game for my daughter, but she only speaks French.

Oh what the hell? I would be happy to join and play with this, but it requires Facebook? I’m damned if I’m joining Facebook. Or Google. Thanks, Manyland, please give me a call when you no longer need to monetize my information.

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I think she could still have fun with it, even though the texts are in English. My daughter (4.5) doesn’t read/write proficiently yet but still enjoys building and exploring the world. Also, there are many users who communicate in other languages: I’ve seen people typing to her in Arabic, Japanese, etc… so I don’t think not knowing much English is a big hurdle.

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