Map of trees in London

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Seriously cool map. Also, the hex grids? Yay!

One thing I learned (a while ago): public spaces in Germany usually have a Baumkataster. It would be interesting to get this data via FOI requests and produce such a map with nice info for the whole of Germany. Alas, I need more time…

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Did it have conkers on it? Otherwise, maybe a new tree was planted since you were there.

What’s more interesting, to me, about that map is the significant areas that don’t have any trees.
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 17.34.42

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I think that big hole where Lewisham is must be poorly mapped. I know there are trees there. (Not that Lewisham isn’t a big hole, in general.)


Some inspiration…

Trees from the Baumkataster in Karlsruhe on a map:

A short data story about the trees of Berlin:

The internet of trees - a project to develop digital strategies and prototypes to strengthen Berlin’s tree population:


Thanks, that’s really nice of you!

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Their front page says:

TreeTalk uses tree data provided by the Greater London Authority (GLA), and for some boroughs we may not have local tree data

Has anyone found a way to filter the map by species? That would be interesting.

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That might explain the apparent deserts.


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