Marbits for cats?

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I forget who did that standup bit about cat food with flavors “cats naturally crave”, including beef, as though cats would naturally stalk and kill a cow.* But this paints a similar picture of cats in little clean-room suits operating a freeze-drying plant in the wild.

* Though they’d definitely want to


Your cats are chickens?


“… including beef, as though cats would naturally stalk and kill a cow.”

I’ve seen a Siamese cat stalk a deer. It made the deer nervous enough to
keep moving away from the cat~


They make freeze dryers for home use. Not sure how practical they are.


can you freeze dry a cat in it?

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I’ve often wanted to see a bag of cat food that proclaims “70%natural prey” include mouse, shrew, vole chipmunk and songbird in its ingredients list. Instead it’s chicken, beef, turkey, ocean fishes and even vegetables. Why they put vegetables in cat food is beyond me.

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A former roommate’s cat loved to eat romaine lettuce, cantaloupe, and frozen peas :woman_shrugging:t2:

Also, many cats love pumpkin—if you have to pill [give medicine in pill form to] a cat, it helps to offer them a spoonful of pureed pumpkin immediately after putting the pill in their mouth, to be sure they swallow it down.


can confirm cats / cantaloupe! had a really cool, solid black kitteh that nommed cantaloupe like it was Feast of St. CATarina, or some such. the cat was called MadDog and he was the only wild kitty allowed in the house and therefore the only cat that ate what it brought in. all the other house cats would catch mice, lizards and birds, then let them go loose in the house.
loves me kittehs!


No, I haven’t tried them myself

I admit it: I’ve tasted cat treats and food before — just because. It really makes you appreciate how important seasoning is to making food taste good. Of all the things I’ve nibbled on it’s not bad per se, it just doesn’t taste much like anything to my comparatively unsophisticated human palate.


I’ve tried bits of dog food before, in an attempt to entice a finicky pupper to eat. “See? Yum! I ate a piece, and you always want my food. Now will you eat some?” And you’re right, in most cases the pet food isn’t awful, just bland. Though there was the one brand with salmon in the mix that was almost decent… but my dog isn’t crazy about that one.


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