Marijuana, Brujeria


I disagree, the only reasonable version is the Spanish one, not the international clusterfuck.

Regardless of having consumed some darn-tootin’ good marijuana not two hours ago, and this song being about marijuana, that didn’t prevent me from remembering just enough spanish to realize that these guys are just idiots. I also realized that it doesn’t matter what instrumentation one uses with “The Macarena”, it’s still going to make me want to hit myself in the head with a brick. More marijuana won’t help. Not even Lorin Ashton himself could save this mess.

edit: I still listened to the whole thing. I’m still smiling about it.

Macarena in Minor

I thought we all agreed to just pretend that thing never happened?

I dunno. I heard it for the first time while on several marijuanas, and I made it at least halfway through the song before applying a brick, directly to my forehead.

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