Sanjay Gupta: "I am doubling down" on medical marijuana


Could you call it “cannabis”? The Mexican slang term “mari-juana” refers to the Virgin Mary. It’s unconscionable that we’ve installed an ethnic slur into all our headlines. A 1920s dog-whistle term


Is he a parent?


We’d need to find an alternative that is also an alliteration. The best I can think right now of is Therapeutic THC which also has huge problems.

I had the same thoughts regarding calling the documentary “Weed;” that’s a bit of a loaded description.

Do you have a reference for that? The sources I found online list ‘marijuana’ as having an uncertain origin. NPR has an interesting article here.

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He has three daughters. Now are you done keeping sick people in pain and dark people in prison “BECAUSE OF THE CHILDREN”?

EDIT: In scrolling down the homepage, I see this may have been in reference to outlandish comments recently made by DEA officials. If this is the case, good show, my bad. If not, ignore this edit.

From that free thing online:

Gupta is married to Rebecca Olson, a family law attorney. They were married in 2004 in a Hindu wedding ceremony. They live in Atlanta and have three daughters.

Edit: This is a reply to “Renoun” above, who asked if Gupta is a parent.

I always love Maui Wowie, cuz it’s like Mari- but it’s more Mau- so it slides off the tongue easier, and it would be hilarious to hear Wolf Blitzer talk about how Pussy Riot has incited massive Maui-Wowie demonstrations. That would be a killer sentence to ever hear.


I wish I could remember where I heard this, but somebody once told me “if you want to tell a white American something is racist, you’d better have it in triplicate.”

The message: if it’s conceivably (I’d say “probably,” given this evidence) racist, especially on the highly racial (and detrimental to Latin America) issue of the war on drugs, and there’s an easy alternative (“cannabis”), use the latter.

@awjt Maui Wowie is a name for only one strain. It would be like calling every beer a stout.

I think that ship has sailed. Besides, what makes the Virgin Mary an ethnic slur?


Now, I do not have a scooby about this feller, and his bona fides, but based on what I’ve read, I’m seeing this: ‘Since I’ve been in a TV show, I am all over this ‘Medical Marijuana’ shit. Can I be in more TV shows?’.
Colour me cynical…

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He has said what wanted to be heard, when it wanted to be heard.

Dude, chill:

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Dude, read my edit

also don’t tell people to chill on issues of mass incarceration and serious medical illness. unless you’re just that cool.

except it grows kind’a easy …

When Mexicans say Mexicans attend church as reverently as they smoke their, uh, cannabis, this isn’t an ethnic slur? Tell me what religion you are, so I can name the street term for a drug after it…

You’d be surprised at the problems you can encounter (or maybe not. Hypothetically)

A lot of things grow quickly. “Weed” implies that the abundance is unwanted, which contributes to the negative connotation it takes on when being used to describe cannabis.

Woopsie. I replied before your edit. I just thought that you had missed the joke and were going off the deep end.