Sanjay Gupta: "Why I changed my mind on weed"




The propaganda campaign against cannabis is so utterly lost that even the corporate types are starting to jump ship.


More like Sanjay Ganja, amirite?

I’ll see myself out.


The best outcome here would be if creeping acceptance of MM in the medical community will finally allow some actual scientific studies to be conducted. We have lots of anecdotal evidence on the effectiveness of MM (which I don’t contest), but as far as I know, little scientific data. Hopefully, more studies will lead to better medicines, possibly based on compounds within marijuana. 'cuz as well as it works, I doubt that the existing marijuana industry is really mainly concerned with optimizing therapeutic benefits.


Dr. Gupta’s opinion piece on discusses research that’s already been done, but more or less hidden from USAns.


I’m amazed he lived long enough to get an MD, specialize in neurosurgery, and get a CNN gig and still believed in the DEA’s good faith until quite recently. I thought that believing in the DEA’s honesty was like believing in the tooth fairy or Santa Claus, and you grew out of it. How do you avoid doing that (as a doctor, especially, who would probably have heard some of the chatter about the DEA’s enthusiasm for…skeptical independent evaluation… of doctor’s pain-management decisions, sometimes followed by jail time)?


Ganja Suptay?


“I bought into and still buy into the prevailing wisdom.”


Welcome to reality, Sanjay Gupta. While it’s commendable he’s apologized and finally come around, I can’t say I’m impressed with how amazingly long it took him to do it.


optimist in me - “Times, they are a changin”

pessimist in me - “Here, get high while we spy on you because we’re not stopping”


I change my mind all the time on weed. It helps a lot with that kind of thing.


How interested is Big Pharma in anything but profit? Its not a reason to close them down though, is it?

And there are actual scientific studies on the medical benefits of marijuana, lots of them:


Listening to that other guy, the idiot in the interview with Piers Morgan… it still boggles my mind how people can say things that are utterly illogical and not see it. This guy wants to keep marijuana from being legalized even though its less harmful than alcohol and many other drugs, because it harms some people, but refuses to take his position to its logical conclusion that alcohol, etc. should be banned. He denies it as he says it. I see this with the DEA types as well. Serious cognitive denial.


This is one of the reasons I always felt he was an overhyped and underqualified person to be given so much voice in the media.


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