Govt. wants to buy marijuana farm for "research"




I plan on doing a little research of my own tonight.


either this research has already been done and the results have been suppressed or this is just another wasteful government program. regardless, the government has no credibility when any effort they make now is too late when they’ve had plenty of time to do research and the subject of legalization will be settled within a few years. this is the same government so out of touch with reality that groups cannabis with heroin, meth, and cocaine and denies that it has any medical applications.


Time’s article neglects to mention that the NIDA has the monopoly on providing pot for scientific research in the US, and has the policy of only providing it for research projects into negative effects of marijuana, and won’t provide it for research into positive effects of marijuana. Therefore it’s not possible to have US studies showing medical benefits of marijuana, and the DEA can keep claiming that it belongs on Schedule I because it has no proven medical benefits. The Catch-22’s been annoying for years.


Absolutely. Why not abolish federally funded research altogether? That way we can give more tax breaks to corporations, which will only use the money to fund a golden age of independent, highly ethical research. Maybe they can set up a research park right in the heart of Galt’s Gulch.


E-I-E-I-Whoa, dude!


There are many things I believe they should stick into Galt’s Gulch.


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