Marijuana "forest" discovered in London

You’ve obviously never invited my cousin over for a few days.


Get Thee to a Punnerry!!!


RD -

“wink wink” - your humor made me smile - but I have seen really amazing chilies, tomatoes & other stuff being successfully grown in Alaskan company housing and dorm-rooms using techniques developed & pioneered by pot-farmers - & by NASA. Methods discovered by search engines.

Pot-farmers and NASA agriculture-researchers, hmm. Just personal anecdotes I heard from a guy who knows a guy (who read it in Rolling Stone/Pop-Sci), but I’ve heard that there is interaction between them.

For example, the NASA employees who grow their own, the NASA researcher who grew during university, and my favorite- NASA agriculture–researchers paying consulting fees to expert, veteran marijuana-farmers in the effort to perfect extra-Terran agriculture.




The phenomenon you may or may not have seen in the sky tonight was not a UFO.

It was Venus.


somewhere in orbit…

astronauts: “um mission control?”
mission control: “this is mission control, copy”
astronauts: “this is mission control” (giggles and bong hit heard in the background)
mission control: “is everything okay up there?”
astronauts: “we are so high above earth right now!” (more giggles)


I shun the pun; my crime is making time for rhyme.


What a waste of police resources. Our elected officials seriously need to pull their heads out of their asses and get rid of this “War on drugs”–it doesn’t do anything but ruin lives and divert resources away from stopping real crimes worth preventing/solving.

Not sure it’s always their heads they put in asses if David Cameron is anything to go by.

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