Marilyn Monroe's estate defends Ana De Armas' accent in Blonde

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Honestly, I think this movie is going to be trash, and was just an excuse for the director to see MM naked. Marilyn deserves much better than to be reduced to this kind of thing.


Marilyn’s estate is owned by a corporation called Authentic Brands Group? :face_vomiting: This is everything wrong with the world in a nutshell.


I prefer them when they’re closer to truth.

I love Chaplin, Coal Miners Daughter, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Babe, Selena, etc… I always watch movies like that and then read a biography to see how close they were and how much liberty they took with the truth.

The exception being The Rose, I love that even though it’s based on nothing except maybe Janis Joplin.

As far as the accent in Blonde, I watched the trailer and did not notice any accent that would distract from who she’s portraying. I may watch it but probably not if there’s not a bit of fact.


Ana De Armes has been fantastic in everything I’ve seen her in, Joyce Carol Oats is guaranteed craziness (not that I’ve read this one), and my favorite Monroe “bio” movie is Roeg’s Insignificance (so I obviously don’t care about realism lol).

It might be trash, it might be good. It might be good trash. We shall see


I’m guessing you didn’t see Deep Water, then.

I enjoyed her work in Knives Out, but then I started hearing murmurs that she might not be such a good person in actual 3D life.


/Points at Dick Van Dyke in cockney


They also own Elvis’ stuff and that’s the reason why most places can’t have Elvis inpersonators at Vegas chapels anymore, because they decided to crack down this past year, even though it’s been a thing for decades.

It’s rated NC-17, so exploitative trash that will focus on sex and sexuality (and sexual violence) over the woman. She might be very good (I have nothing against her, though I’ve never seen her in anything, so…), but the directors entire attitude was that he wanted to see Monroe getting railed, so he can fuck right off.


Knives Out? Bladerunner 2049? No Time to Die? Best thing in all three imo.

Hadn’t heard that tidbit. Ugh.


Of the three, I’ve only seen Bladerunner 2049 and couldn’t tell you who she played… It’s not her, though.

Literally, it was “who doesn’t want to see an NC-17 Marilyn Monroe film”… big nope from me.


The hologram wife. But more importantly, see Knives Out! It’s great!


I’ll get around to it… it’s not my fault we live in the age of peak content! :smile:


Huh, I guess “Amadeus” took far more liberties with the source material than I realized…


That was a nice and classy thing to say.

More of that thing!

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