Ana De Armas doesn't know why “Blonde” has an NC-17 rating

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No one knows why, but everyone sure is spending a lot of time talking about it. :thinking: I think I have seen this “news” story three times now.


This film explains why!


Yea Ok but I don’t think the certification people care about that

Maybe the geriatric, hardcore Christians on the ratings board don’t want their lovely nostalgic (and thus fictional) memories of a sanitized sex bomb tarnished.


I don’t care one way or the other but if this link is true that would explain the rating. De Armas may legitimately not know since she wouldn’t be in the shot

The result is a film that pushes cinematic boundaries and prods at cultural taboos, alternating between black-and-white and colour, with shifting aspect ratios, body-cams, a vaginal POV shot, conversations held with a fetus, and handheld camera shots.

a vaginal POV shot

although hey, that could just mean a nonsexual scene they just happened to film from a vagina’s-eye-view for some reason. but the phrasing suggests a sex scene.


on air ugh GIF by Elvis Duran Show

This is gonna be awful… sorry… but it is. This is literally just the director wanting Marilyn porn… He keeps talking about wanting to honor her, but FFS, she was highly sexualized over the course of her life, this is not how to do it.


I’m certainly not a prude, what with the kinks I’m into, but I can’t really envision a scene shot from the POV of the vagina that at very least doesn’t have clothes off down there and something to see from there. It’d be very boring if we got a “looking through the clothes” scene shot from the POV of a vagina of someone going on their weekly grocery run. I have to think given all the other things I’ve heard about the director and this movie, that it absolutely is a sex scene.

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They wanted a bird’s eye view of her shoes?


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