Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz dumped by Orange County venue at the last minute

I have no doubt it’s thrown around to some degree among themselves, but it has more direct baggage than “Anglo-Saxon” has in popular imagination. For most Americans it’s not directly connected to a genocide (though of course it is, as it was in use among white supremacists right back to the 19th century, at the height of the Indian Wars. But many Americans don’t see that as a genocide in the same way they see the Holocaust as a genocide. It’s easier to get people to buy into what they’re selling if they use language that some see as “neutral”… and for most Americans, “Anglo-Saxon” seems more neutral than “Aryan”.


America, let alone California has never been a white”Anglo-Saxon” country!! Lol!! The USA was built on Indigenous, African and European cultures, but it has an indigenous base, first and foremost, with African and European immigrant culture mixed in. California and the Southwest was built on strong Indigenous cultural influences and Hispanic/Californio, Tejano, and Hispano Cultures. These brain dead fools wouldn’t know an “Anglo-Saxon” Culture if it smacked them in the face. These people need to stop trying to Whitewash American Culture and history! It’s is a Multi-Cultural country because The Europeans invented multiculturalism by invading 2 non-white continents, countries and islands by colonizing indigenous lands and bringing Immigrants, migrant workers and slaves to a racially homogeneous double continent that had been populated for 10’s of thousands of years! If people want a Anglo-Saxon Country, go back to England and Europe to find it! It sure as hell not here!


It sure as hell ain’t in England any more! And it can’t really be found in Western Europe any more, either. Some parts of the more easterly bits of Europe are still trying to pretend they are of that ilk (politically, at least - looking at you Poland and Hungary) but are too far east to be technically Angle or Saxon.


Pfft, next you’re going to tell me that Spain is no longer a Visigothic country.


Nor Moorish. :wink:


I’ll go even further to say that no one thinks they are racist. Only other people are racist.


Historically, Africans did NOT willingly “migrate” here; they were kidnapped and enslaved.


Also, European immigrants did their level best to obliterate the indigenous people they met here AND their culture. There were successful in some cases. The more recent embrace of African or Indigenous culture was more of a way to further silence their voices via appropriating their cultures.


Yep; and when Irish and Chinese people migrated here, most European immigrants shat on them too.

‘The great American melting pot’ is just another sugar-coated mythological version of US history which never truly existed in reality.


But they let Irish continue to come here and banned Chinese for about 80 years.

Btw a sure sign one is talking to a neo nazi is when they talk about the KKK influenced 1924 immigration act in glowing terms.


Yes. The Irish whitened up quite nicely.


Funny how 150 years of anti catholic hysteria went away when people of other minority faiths started forming communities here.

Our Founders were crazy Anti-Catholic. It undermined all efforts to take Quebec away from Great Britain in 1812.


Irish and Italian communities pushed hard for that. And that’s in part because they were becoming necessary to appeal to in elections, as they proved themselves apt organizers at the local political level. The Irish American managed to effectively get out of the vote when needed and became a power bloc because of that. But that was possible because they were not barred from voting like non-white Americans were.

Even so, although Catholics are a sizable part of the Christian population in the US, we’ve still only had two Catholic presidents - Kennedy and now Biden, both Irish American, which is telling.

Irish in Ireland, by way of contrast were highly racialized during the colonial period of their history and were seen as suspect right up through the end of troubles by the British government and public, primarily if they were Catholic, but not always.


Like the comment about TFG that he might not be a fascist but the self-proclaimed fascists think he is.


I can’t wait for these two clowns’ fifteen minutes to be over.


Still are, to some extent. Hence Boris’s readiness to shaft both communities in pursuit of Brexit.


They taint anything that they touch. Fucking Nazis.


Yep/ There are still “Christians” who don’t think Catholics are Christians. The Chick Tracts say the Pope is the Anti-Christ.



…and for Gaetz’s 15-20 to start.


Don’t get me started about Caucasians…