Marjorie Taylor Greene banned from Twitter for one week

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Only 51 more to go


no worries, she will just use liz harrington’s account.


Makes too much logical sense to just ban her permanently, I guess…


Twitter: feckless management, hapless techies. Thanks to Dorsey’s freeze peach absolutism (at least for sado-populists) she’ll be back and posting for a while yet.

I understand that quality moderation like the kind we get here is difficult at Twitter’s scale, but they’re not even trying. They need to be broken up or at least have interoperability with other federated services imposed on them.


because its One…Two…Four strikes you’re out at the…old…wait, what…ok, i am being told that is not how it works.


The worst punishment imaginable to a Karen.


Dear Twitter:

mad gf by Grandfathered


A week, so, a big enough story to get her in the news, long enough to for her to claim victimhood because of Big Tech’s oppression of conservative voices, but not long enough so that it damages her overall reach or fundraising ability.


“The FDA shouldn’t approve the vaccine so that I can continue to claim it’s not FDA approved!”


On a whim, I thought I’d see what, if anything, MTG has accomplished during her tenure the for the people of the Georgia, 14th District .

Since she has no committee appointments, the only access to meaningful action is through legislation.

On legislation, she has authored twelve rather frantic stabs at legislation, all focused on reactionary politics such as immigration, vaccine hesitancy, and firearms. She’s never gained more than 15 co-sponsors with a third of those never getting moire than a single backer. No proposed legislation has moved beyond introduction and given the fantastical nature of the bills, none will. (Source)

Simply put, Twitter, social media, and traditional media are the only mediums from which she has to speak for her electorate. If she is barred from those platforms (likely), there is absolutely zero chance for her to do anything for her district beyond voting on legislation passed to the full house - of which she has almost no capacity to do anything of consequence. I guess the rest of the US should be thankful, but she has almost zero influence on anything that matters.



Can we please just wall up Vincentia Price in the purgatory of her choosing (e.g. Gettr). I want all these morons in their very own special disease-laden sectior of the internet. If something reasonable filters through, we’ll be more than happy to have a look at it.

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While I can appreciate your sentiment, I object to linking that buffoon with Vincent Price, who by all accounts I’ve seen was an intelligent, warm, and caring person who wouldn’t have shared her bigoted viewpoint. :wink:


Well, of course they won’t. Can’t have evidence to prove favoritism lying around.

Those ‘conservatives’ have long since morphed into full-blown Fascism. & we need to acknowledge that by not whitewashing what they are.

I’m not holding my breath.


One whole week, eh? Bravo to all the valiant heroes at Twitter who took this righteous stand. Eventually. Sort of.

Empty Greene should be fired. Out of a cannon. Into the sun. Along with all the other Qook Qult weirdos and fascist dirtbags.

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