Marjorie Taylor Greene is so off-base even Twitter is attempting to reel her in

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It’s easy to make fun of her, but to be honest, she scares me in ways that few monsters, real or imagined, can.


And this is the person McCarthy gave a committee assignment. Real tragic characters, this GOP.


Allowed to serve as Speaker pro tem on at least two occasions.


I wonder if Musk is in this loop yet?

Tomorrow: More firings, and her account restored?


Ya think?

The fact they even had to explain this would be funny if it weren’t so deadly serious.


But it looks like they banned her because they thought she was promoting the pro-trans-rights protest, not because she was inciting violence against trans people, right? am I crazy?


Doesn’t the US congress have some kind of censure mechanism? How is she allowed to keep saying such violent and horrible things?


I wonder if it’s like the Australian parliament censure mechanism, where there are no consequences. Calling it a “slap on the wrist” is overstating the impact it can have.

“We have censured you!”
“That’s it.”
“Ok then.”


… regardless of what the original intent was, I don’t trust MTG or Musk’s Twitter to figure it out, or to respond in any kind of sensible way :confused:


I guess I keep thinking about the Canadian system where this sort of thing wouldn’t fly.

A comparable example- a while back the newly formed UCP (MAGA-wannabe) party in Alberta had a rising star named Caylan Ford. She had the education, the experience, and the looks to be a conservative political super star. The UCP convinced her to move across the country to be their new rockstar candidate. Then a Facebook messenger log leaked where she said some really racist shit along the lines of what MTG tweets daily.

Ms. Ford’s political career was over on the spot. She withdrew from the campaign, the UCP dropped her, and she slunk into a dark corner and started suing people. This was just a podunk local politician in a conservative province, too. Not a national politician with a huge stage.

That MTG can tweet like this endlessly to the point where the only adult in the room is Twitter for fuck’s sake… I can’t get my head around it.


Those poor terrorists! /s

The private Facebook Messenger messages, obtained exclusively by PressProgress, were supplied by a long-time Muslim conservative with deep ties to the party who requested anonymity citing the threat of retribution.

That doesn’t sound that anonymous…but I guess there must be somehow be several long-time Muslim conservatives with deep ties to the UCP? :confused:


Yeah, she outed him right after.

Shake the sheets of the UCP (and the federal Conservatives), and all kinds of bedbugs fall out.


Oh absolutely, my point was that this makes Twitter even worse. Various headlines are acting like MTG was censored, but she wasn’t even really targeted directly by this Twitter action. Not only did their moderation system fail to grasp the context of her retweets, it turn out they weren’t all that concerned with her violent and destructive rhetoric, but rather simply with the word “vengence” on a the pro-trans poster she shared…


Ooof. That shit she said is hard to read again. Unbelievable. Really basic white supremacist shit. Not even creative or original.

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Yah, the UCP attracts all flavours of conservative human (because they don’t have anywhere else to go). Her chat log was with a hyper conservative Muslim friend (article posted above) who leaked it to the press. It seems to have been a personal thing. They’d been talking like that with each other for years and suddenly he decides to leak that snippet. I’d guess retaliation for a romantic rebuff or some such. One of these situations where everyone is the asshole.


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