Marjorie Taylor Greene shares obviously-photoshopped image of Illinois shooter: "Is he in jail or rehab or a psychiatric center in this photo?"

I don’t see “prison cell” as an optional background for my Zoom calls, but that’s what this looks like.
Must be a special package.


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Trans people

There was an attempt by the far-right to claim that the shooter was trans, and the far-right believe that trans people are severely mentally ill.


Came to say the same. This is definitely a Zoom screen capture using that image as a background. I spent the last three years on Zoom all day with all my coworkers and saw a lot of backgrounds similar to that. I haven’t seen that exact one but it has the exact look of the many custom backgrounds that people make for laughs.

The edge around his head also looks exactly like how Zoom’s automatic foreground detection works.


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