Marjorie Taylor Greene wants forced births to fill jobs, not immigrants

Originally published at: Marjorie Taylor Greene wants forced births to fill jobs, not immigrants - Boing Boing

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So no more lamp and no more golden door…


It pissed me off to no end that anti-immigration sorts were complaining about rising costs, when that’s exactly what they wanted. They live in some sort of fantasy land where you can choke off immigration, reducing labor supply, get higher wages as a result (this was all their stated goal), but not have anything cost more as a result. WTF. (though I do concede that most discussions and thus peoples’ thinking on this topic is muddled by what is meant by inflation; often one person is using it to mean “prices go up because reasons” while the more technical use of the term is more the overall money supply and I suppose the reality is a combination of both)


Quite honestly, I don’t think they want to entirely end immigration, they just want to highly restrict LEGAL immigration (for Europeans, the wealthy, etc). They DO want working class POC to keep coming into this country, however. But not via any legal means. They want them as an exploitable underclass that they can keep using as a boogeyman for working and middle class whites to fret over, so they’ll keep voting for the party of cruelty.

If they really wanted to go after immigration, especially undocumented immigrants, they’d crack down on the businesses that hire them, such as the former President… They don’t have that as part of their package, and that should speak volumes to their real goals.





This is true nativist fascism. I’m sure she has a white supremacist caste system in mind regarding who gets what jobs. Repulsive.


Came here for this

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Because that idea worked out SOOOOOOOO well for Poland and Japan

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Never too soon to set the groundwork for the Industrial Babies of the World “labor” union. I understand the old nickname Wobblies may be available.


“O brave new world,
That has such people in 't.”


Bite your tongue:

The Wobblies are still ongoing, I know a few from folk-music circles.


“63 million people weren’t murdered in the womb”
Does anyone ever stand up to this POS and ask her to prove her data? I’m nowhere near her level of influence and I’m still required to show my work.


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