Marjorie Taylor Greene's transphobic tweet fuels hatred

There is a rising sense of fatalism in the trans community, along the lines of “we will be hated no matter what, so why bother trying to be nice.” Both the far-right and the both-siders are to blame for this attitude, we fucking tried and still got shat on.

I feel like things are only going to get worse in the next few weeks. I am expecting more blood, and it won’t be started by us. When stuff like Primo Levi and the Warsaw Ghetto uprising is in radical trans reading lists it is a sign that respectability lost a long time ago.


Do you think if they named it “trans people wish to exist and be left in peace” it would make a difference to the fascist transphobes?

You misunderstand the nature of bigotry like this. They are gonna weaponize ANYTHING against the trans community, because what they want is to eliminate them. That’s not because of ANYTHING trans people did, other than exist. This is NOT on trans people, that is on the bigots. They don’t NEED “ammunition” to hate others. They hate others for existing.

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These are necessary texts that we all should be reading right now.

Anyways… here’s GLOSS…


This is the key concept. Anything else is just victim blaming. The fault of the trans community lies in it’s existence and their insistence on living as their own true selves. Doesn’t matter what they call it, if it does not involve the dissolution of their being, it will be weaponized.


Of course not. But maybe something like “Trans Day of Justice” would have similar impact without providing the right with such potent ammunition. “Vengeance” as a word implies an attack of retribution, giving the assholes a ready-made “they’re coming for you” talking point.

I don’t think a different name would convince the fascists to change their minds, but it could avoid turning some otherwise scared/clueless people from joining them.

(And just so it’s completely clear, I believe nothing these event organizers do or name provides any justification for any hostility against them)

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Must be nice for all these rigtoids to have someone to “blame” other than your usual cis white boys/men and are they ever leaning heavily into that this person was trans. Never mind literally anything else about the incident. The shooter’s emotional distress, why the shooter felt motivated to do what they did, the pile of guns the shooter had amassed legally in a state that has removed basically any barriers to gun ownership or responsible use, that they had multiple ARs on their person when they carried out the shooting, or the 6 people they killed. Nope. Let’s zero in on one specific piece of their identity and say that’s the problem.


It is. For the GOP.

Everybody else, it’s the easy access to weapons.


They don’t NEED ammunition! This is like saying if the Jews had only toned it down a bit, they Nazis might not have genocided them.

It’s victim blaming. Human rights are not just reserved for the nice people. It’s for every single human on this planet. Period.

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Rule #1 for if we survive this:

Respectability politics is victim blaming bullshit, that does not take history into account.

I am so fucxking tired of people thinking that if we were a bit nicer then this owuld not have happened.

(I am leaving the spelling mistakes up because the stress is affecting my ability to manage my dyisluexia.)


If you want to play If Only then "If Only I got off my ass and did something to help marginalised people instead of wringing my hands online about how their posters are badly worded, " might get you better results.


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Time and again, right wingers get excused for saying bigoted, incendiary things that are without a doubt leading directly to deaths, but you dare to say “hey, that’s kind of bullshit” you get told “you deserve to get hurt for not being polite”… Same mode of thinking backs up men abusing their families - “well, what did you do to provoke him”… it’s BULLSHIT.


“Look what you made me do” is not significantly different from “Look what you made them do.” It’s all victim blaming.


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“if only Emmett had not whistled at that white woman…” :sob:


I’m through with being nice to people assaulting and trying to eliminate me.


MTG would never have attacked us if it weren’t for that phrase.

Except for her years of abuse.

They’re always going to find or make up a reason.


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At what point does it finally become okay to express anger, frustration, and to defend yourself? Because it seems like some people prefer some idealized victim that they can mourn when dead rather than supporting the rights of all of us, whoever we are…


Not this fucking time it doesn’t.


Which, of course, he never did.

(I know you know that.)

Even when we do nothing wrong, any evil that befalls us is still ‘our fault.’

Stop digging, yo.

This isn’t the time or place for even the most well intentioned criticism of trans folks’ responses to being persecuted.


Or… maybe, the people who vote for it, and support it DO feel that way and will not be persuaded by a more “respectable” trans people. They feel uncomfortable with trans people, and so support the eliminationist laws being passed. And maybe they even know some trans people, but believe they’d be “happier” being “normal”?

Just like the fascists are doing!!! Look how restrained they are! Calling for the ELIMINATION of an entire category of people!!! SO RESPECTABLE!!! much WOW!!! /s

Again, if someone’s support for human rights rests on how deferential some are to the ruling class, then it’s not human rights.

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Never mind the number of mass shootings, and even the number of shootings that have taken place at schools just this year. But shootings carried about by white cis men don’t fit the narrative transphobes are trying to build so as far as they’re concerned those shootings don’t matter.