Mark Brown runs for governor in bid to recover seized raccoon


Bleh, another single-issue candidate, trying to drive a wedge between raccoon, raccoon-lovers and the rest of mankind.


The scary thing is next to some people who actually hold elected offices in Tennessee (see, for instance, this guy or, worse, this guy) Brown looks almost sane and reasonable.

However upon hearing of Brown’s bid Tennessee governor Bill Haslam responded with his well-known catchphrase, “Well isn’t that special.”

“I have officially tossed my hat into the ring,”

Coonskin I hope…


It good to see him keep busy in retirement. With Smaug dead, the Ring destroyed, and all the elves gone, he could have just sat around the house, watching daytime TV, collecting SS.


As funny as this guy may seem, it’s a pretty fucking serious lapse of governance to ignore permit requests and then return a 60,000-signature petition unopened. Even if they have a supposedly good reason not to return the racoon, they have a duty to explain the decision.


Is this some kind of viral marketing stunt for that Guardians of the Galaxy movie?

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Better. Whole live 'coon hat.

Is the raccoon named Rocky?

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