Pigeon in a cowboy hat, RIP

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Poor birb. :C


Because those people are contemptible garbage. Why they’re contemptible garbage is between them, their therapists and, if there’s any justice in the world, their cellmates.


Um, no, it isn’t.

For the sake of my sanity, I’m going to continue believing that this “pigeon rescue organization” is an elaborate joke, and that there isn’t actually an organization committed to “rescuing” a goddamn invasive pest species.


“Someone deliberately set a trap for this poor little rat!”

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“Animal” rescue. And yes, rescue groups do try to save the lives of animals who’ve been injured or abused by humans, whether by oil spills or superglue. Animal cruelty isn’t legal, yo. Oh and it’s now a Federal crime.

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Well, other usual pets, which regularly get rescued, are also invasive species and pests to some extent.
Cats are, to North America, an invasive species, and are harmful, pest-like, in that their predation is unsustainable for many already-declining species (birds and frogs mostly).
Budgies and parrots in local parks: invasive species, turtles, tropical fish, etc, too


when I think of Vegas and pigeons, I think of Mike Tyson.

The person who mistreated that bird should have a football helmet super-glued to their head. It should be engraved: “I’m an asshole. Punch me.”

Just so long as it is a tiny helmet. I’d opt for an elastic string rather than super glue in that I wouldn’t stoop to ‘that asshole’s’ level of assholishness. Assholity? Cruelty.

When I first saw this story about hats on birds, I thought ‘cool!’ Thinking they were a cute stunt or art-piece using little handmade hats w strings. Felt a real sinking feeling when I heard they were glued on. That is just ugly stupid cruelty.

I dunno, the bird still doesn’t look pleased.

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