Republican Steve King isn't hunting wabbits


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sounds like a really really unpheasant way to spend a day.


Shooting peasants is a time-honored Republican tradition!


Epic Freudian slip, no?


That would be the “civilization” back in the mythical Golden Age when men were real (white) men, women were in the kitchen, and everyone else knew their place?


Bad crop on that photo. We only got the hole. I am sure there’s something above that.


At first I thought that at the very least the poor innocent pheasants would be safe as long as Trump Jr was hunting peasants, but then I saw the picture and see that not only does he like to wantonly murder people from the lower classes, he also shoots birds just to see them die.

A good bird with a gun could have saved so many lives that day. We must all support the right to arm the pheasantry.


Fucking Iowa has gone down the hole. Granted, Western Iowa was always full of assholes, but it used to be that Iowa was known for its liberal values. Even Terry Bransted’s first time as governor didn’t change it. Stupid asshole Steve fucking King makes my blood boil.





I dunno, looks about right. I see an a-hole in front of a Hole.


Always something off about the post-hunt photos:
“See? I killed this.”




The word you’re looking for is GLORY!


With my bare hands! The um… gun is a toy. Belonged to the guide’s son. Cute kid. Asked me to hold his gun. The toy one.



It means whatever the listener wants it to mean, but usually it’s some Cleaver-family idyllic saccharine fantasy-land like that, yeah. When everything was super perfect because Kids Were Respectful, Women Were Stupid Baby Factories, And Men Were Pipe-Smoking Gods Of The Home ™.

Which is hilarious as hell if you read any history, but whatever. We seem hard-wired as a species to accept that archetype of “back in my day when things were great” without examining it too carefully, so it’s not going away any time soon.


And leads me to the even less chraitable “Of course he wants to kill, he hasn’t seen his own dick in at least a decade.”



I’m simply stunned that it took 18 comments for someone to post Mel Brooks, much less that it wasn’t in the original post.


John F. Kelly Sadly remembers a time when Mel Brooks was held sacred.

Not anymore!