Republican Steve King isn't hunting wabbits


It must take a highly skilled outdoors-man and hunter to stand there and shoot when they open those cages and let the birds go. I’d be awfully proud of myself and my companions too.
I might even tip the person who has to go and pick up the birds.

Or, no… that person is probably a peasant, I shoot them too right?


For cultural reasons I prefer to called a “serf”, thank you very much, Mr. King.


You know, Donald Junior looks pretty good in that orange vest.

Maybe he won’t mind an orange jumpsuit.

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Unfortunately, we cannot make fun of Steve King for this. If you look into it: this club (Hole N’ The Wall Lodge) is apparently not one of those. So, its not the same type of club that Cheney shot his friend’s face off at, while shooting at caged birds.


Well I’m just glad to hear that Turmp Jr will do a good job defending the 2nd amendment in the constitutionally-defined role that he apparently holds


You mean they let them out of the cages first?
Do they get a little head-start?

No cages! Honest. This is real huntin’. Face-shooting is still optional, though.


I didn’t think they allowed the caged stuff in the US anymore. Thought that was more of a South American thing. I dunno - I can’t afford fancy hunts either way. Back in the day my dad knew people to go on their their land. Though Kansas has implemented a program that opens up private land for bird hunting if they sign up for the program.

Scalia spent his last day on Earth blasting captive wildlife.

It appears to be a popular pastime amongst the 1%.

It’s a little more work than oppressing the masses, but gratifying in the same way.

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Well, pheasant is quite good to eat. I don’t know about old lawyer face. I’ve never had it.


Christ, what a metric fuckton of assholes that guy is.


I’ll give you $5 if you change every “peasant” on that Wikipedia page to “pheasant”

I’m assuming the lion died because that guy ate the rest of the food in the area.


All jokes and euphemisms aside because of the typo or Freudian slip…

I am not the biggest fan of pheasant. I prefer quail. I’ve been quail hunting before, and its certainly not difficult. I just think they are tasty little birds.

My mom made them with wild rice, and while they are a little dry, they were tasty!

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Yeah, I made a cranberry walnut stuffing for them and wrapped them in bacon. kept them m-o-i-s-t (oh ffs…isn’t there any way to allow a word to be used in its proper connotation?!). Plus it was a a hunting preserve, so they are bred and raised to stock the fields (place did quail, pheasant, deer, boar, and various fish.

I am not a big hunter…but I am a fan of this methodology. These animals are bred with care and the hunting preserve is stocked properly and hunting is coordinated.

off topic-ish? anywho…these two are idiots.

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Yes, farmers would leave a few rows of milo or corn or other crops to keep their deer and game birds fed during the winter. Lots of hunter orgs have actually spent lots of time and money increasing habitat and populations of pheasants, ducks, and other game. Though I haven’t really done any of it in years.

I’ve never been to a stocked place like that. I think my dad has. He was a salesman for year and had a network of county weed people (who in turn know all the rural farmers). And had things like DuPont hosing shindigs.