Mark Dery on Trayvon Martin


The neighborhood in question was a gated community in Sanford, Florida, aptly called The Retreat—aptly, because digging in, hunkering down in our safe rooms and our doomsday bunkers, hollering damn the torpedoes and bring it on is what we do. Circling the wagons. Making a Last Stand.

Nitpick: “Damn the torpedoes” means the opposite of hunkering down, circling the wagons, etc.

This was a powerful essay, thanks for linking to it. I especially appreciate the outburst by Billie Holiday, really adds to that song and her version of it for me.

Damn. Powerful enough stuff to do the subject some justice, I’m quite impressed.

Gonna have to keep an eye on Mark Dery. With this he blows even Matt Taibbi out of the water, for mine.

I even tried to quote the whole thing with a QFT at the bottom, but there’s a 16k character limit…

@L_Mariachi, if you re-read the quoted passage, you’ll notice ‘damn the torpedoes’ is being hollered next to ‘bring it on’, a similar sentiment… I’d say these words are being juxtaposed by the writer against the fortress stance.

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