Weekend Tunes: Tom Waits' Hell Broke Luce

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gee whiz - tom is great!


Not in the spirit in which the song was posted. But I love this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbiioBFkD_Q

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Mourn the poor bastards who kill and are killed simply to funnel more of the world’s wealth to the oligarchs.


Great video. Anyone else think this shot was a reference to the Tweedle Beetle Battle from Fox in Socks?

Man, you are dead on with that sentiment. Kids called to live and die in miserable circumstance so the rich can have more comfort and pleasure than they ever have earned. Remember these people and live some of your life to honor them. Hug the kids they will never see and teach peace. A yacht, a fine wine a mansion will never hug you back but a kid will give the purest joy there is, they hug you from their hearts. Celebrate the unseen hero’s who built the home families and futures we enjoy now. They too lived and died for us.


half-staff… unless you’re on a boat

Always relevant for this discussion.


Thats an interesting connection, and definitely fits with the absurdities of war. Considering Tom’s other music, I find it probable that the bottom of a bottle is likely just one more scenario where the soldier will never be able to fit in the home life he doggedly keeps himself tethered to in the hope one day things will return to “normal.”

That said, why not both?

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Absolutely fantastic, guttural, visceral account of the soldier and their experiences. Poor Luce.

How can you reckon the racist swine that spend their time with sprays and tanning beds to achieve the beauty of complexion of the folks they hate. Is it some kind of twisted envy? Do they wish they had the bonds of community and family they believe POC may have? It makes no sense whatsoever. Just be nice to people who are different. If they are decent maybe you’ll become part of their sphere, if not move on. Not everyone has to love the other but you do have to respect them. Guess I’m way too simplistic but with the price we all pay for hatred it just seems stupid to waste the energy on hate.

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I guess it makes sense that Trump would hate Oompa-Loompas considering he’s basically all the spoiled kids from that movie embodied in a single person.



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