Mark Zuckerberg's sister explains web3 with a Twisted Sister parody

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I know I’m not the target audience, but that was painful to watch.


To the Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!! :crazy_face:


El Paso Grande.


El Pase Duro?


Irritation goes up!


Yes, this is hell. I checked.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s sister explains web3

Are You Sure Stephen Colbert GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert


Razzlekhan II, yeah!


And the Rory Award for the Most Gratuitous Use of the Word ‘Fuck’’ in a Serious Screenplay goes to… wait, what was that about? I watched it twice and didn’t understand any of it.



I’d just like to point out that if web3 had any substance - anything at all - then Russia would already be using it to circumvent the SWIFT ban.

But they aren’t.

Web3 has no substance. It’s not decentralised, it’s not resilient, it’s not a solution to anything except bilking people out of money.

Web3 is at best a scam, and at worst a hallucination and a scam.




Jesus Fucking Christ

I can understand making that video. We all have our fun creative larks. But how do you watch it afterward and still post it?

For the record, I think that Web3 and crypto are a mass of swirling chaos right now, but that whatever emerges from them will form the next iteration of digital society. However, that video almost made me hate all of it.

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I think I learned more from the original, and I remember learning nothing from that.

That’s all I got. I’m off to wash this taste out of my mouth with a high proof spirit.

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Ever since I heard the term “Web3” and figured out what it was*, my main goal concerning it is to figure out how to avoid and work around its various aspects while still being able to have an enjoyable and productive digital experience.

I do have some hope in that I’ve thus far been able to avoid the worst aspects of Web 2.0, mainly by not signing up for the toxic social media services started by this nitwits’s brother.

[* Spoiler: mainly a way to foist cryptocurrencies on everyone as part of the Libertarian grand attempt to Financialise All The Things]


Thanks, all the more reasons not to care about however FBook’s beneficiaries are trying to save it. I didn’t know it was so enmeshed with kleptocurrency bs.


Zuck’s conception of the Metaverse is a pay-for-play, nickel-and-diming clip joint that ultimately benefits only those who got in on the coin-du-jour early. He’s not alone in this vision and there’s big money and influence behind making it a reality all of us will be living with.


While all the suckers pursue the scent of crypto-gold, he wants to sell the shovels and pick-axes at the e-general (Meta) store…


This is the part that I really hate about the whole web3 concept. Like I understand for some like Helium using crypto currency as a carrot to get folks to adopt a distributed storage system seems nice but at the end of the day it still depends on a single point of failure: who redeems these digital tokens? So the bootstrapping solution is its own problem the moment that any government chooses to regulate if the tokens can be redeemed, how they are to be redeemed, and taxed. Rather than trying to financialize the web, I think the better option is to how to de-financialize the process of making the Internet accessible. Whether it’s through zero interest loans to localities and rural communities to setup their own Internet access and distribution system or abolishing all anti-community ISP laws, there’s better ways to get the distributed web off the ground. They just don’t happen to make people money which is why they’re avoided like the plague by techbros.