Marshall Islands sues 9 nuclear powers, including USA, over failure to disarm nuclear stockpiles



wow. I wish them the best of luck. sincerely. nothing will happen, of course, but I’m glad someone called us and the 8 others out on our breach of contract.


I dunno. If Japan were willing to throw in their influence, it might go somewhere. It’s kind of hard to argue with the only people in the world who have directly suffered the effects of nuclear war.

That’s a rather big “if”, of course - the Japanese government’s not very keen on upsetting the US, Russia, or North Korea.

Still, it’s kind of bizarre, isn’t it? Why exactly do the nuclear powers still need thousands and thousands of warheads? Surely scant dozens would be more than “enough”?


the Marshall Islands’ legal case notes there remain more than 17,000 warheads in existence, 16,000 of them owned by Russia and the US – enough to destroy all life on the planet.

Bullshit. Could that kill a lot of humans? Absolutely. But all life, everywhere? Hells to the no.

But Japan has other interests on its mind:


How do we in Hawaii support the Marshallese effort? They need to be supported. This is a world community issue.


I concur: Deniococcus Radiodurans

Also relevant: Tardigrades. Those little water bears are the toughest little metazoans around as far as I can tell. They’ve been show to survive 2 years in the vacuum of low earth orbit if they’re allowed to dessicate at out at the correct rate.

Here’s a link to the wiki page on Radiotrophic Fungi, which would actually flourish in a nuclear armageddon. They do best at 500x the regular background level, and were originally discovered growing on the walls of the containment at Chernobyl.


Excellent. How do I become one of those?


Indeed, Though killing all life above a certain size would be quite easy.

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Yes, and in 10 million years everything would be fine and dandy for all the new species that would replace the ones I actually (directly,rather than instrumentally) care about.

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Oh, so I guess since a nuclear war could only kill MUCH of life on earth, including lots of humans, it’s unimportant.

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Maybe other places should think along the same lines, and file supporting law suits?

I fail to see how others signing the NPT forces India, Pakistan, Israel, and DPRK (after quitting the treaty) to somehow abide.
The NPT is a traditional unequal treaty between world military-industrial powers against the small nations, hence principled Indian opposition as a leader of the nonaligned movement. The club of five/UNSC is definitely not showing any interest in full disarmament as required by the NPT, with the US even having a nuclear weapon turnkey proliferation infrastructure in place with NATO countries who have signed the NPT, so bravo on suing the big five.


Unless the hypothetical survivors are able to file a motion in the court, then that’s a distinction without a difference.

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Wishing this hell-bound snowflake the best of luck.


I’m guessing that being around for a nuclear war would be a good start. Good luck, I guess? (And thanks for all the fish).

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