"Punk Rock-Inspired Party" for kids


Do kids even know what punk rock is?

That may be the single least punk rock thing I have ever read. It should be How to Throw a Poseur-Themed Party. And really, it’s not like the age-group that this would be appropriate for gives a shit about punk. This is for parents who want to use their kids as props to prove how “cool” they are.


Sure, the skulls may be a classical punk motif, but I’m more interested in Rococo Punk. If your spikes don’t have spikes that have spikes, I’m not interested.

The party-themed equivalent would be spiked punch, I suppose.

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Yeah, it’s that awful music their parents make them listen to in the car…

“Daaaaaaad, can we pleeeeease listen to Taylor Swift now?!?!”


Martha Stuart can even make “punk” boring. ::golfclap::

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I’ve been saying “no, it’s not” for decades, but – yup, punk is dead.

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Sadly there are no images of James Marsters walking a dog with a spiked collar, as far as I’ve found.

This is actually a really cute way to keep 10-11 year old boys satisfied at a party, or a least keep them from starting a fire so they can “see what happens” when you throw aluminum cans on it. Sure the concept would be lost on a six year old and 13 year olds are only interested in smoking oregano to “see if it works,” but a 10-11 year old boy would love this. It fits perfectly with a need to feel that one is rebelling and becoming independent before one has the resources to do so. The “ooo it’s skulls” feeling would make a happier party for a group that understands erections but hasn’t mastered reaching fruition. Also yes, the work punk died when Claire’s started selling fingerless gloves so little girls can look like Avril Lavigne (who is a Canadian pop star with a good marketing team).

I’m not sure if this is any more silly than 80s hardcore bands touring in the 2010s.

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