This Hallowe'en, why not dress your baby as a burning cigarette?


Ohhhh!!! Such a cute addictive carcinogen!!!


They got a joint costume? I want to dress my kid up as a talking joint. Also, do they have any kids? I need one of those too.


Anne Geddes, eat your heart out (smoke your lungs out?)


But Uncle Duke is still my favourite



And guaranteed to rile up the militant antismoking nuts as a bonus - they are so cute in their helpless rage.

I can understand not liking the smoke, as a nonsmoker - but being upset even by symbols and smoke-free references makes them funny and a tempting target for strings-pulling. Which applies to militant anything.


Making smoking less accessible by banning it in public places protected the health of all involved & made smoking less attractive to all involved.

But acting against the symbology both cultural & perpetuated by cigarette company marketing had a tremendous effect as well, perhaps even greater. Getting rid of “power walls” for instance, made every trip anyone takes to a corner or convenience store different, in places where power walls were banned. It was quite noticeable, yet before it was done, we learned not to notice it, but our children didn’t, they took it all in within the same context as the candy aisle.

I’d add a skull and crossbones to that outfit, that’s ameliorate the costume for the militant types. But it’s fine as is thanks to the overwhelming message that smoking is bad, smoking babies, worse lol.


Burn Baby Burn!!


When my kid was that age I dressed him up as Camel Joe.


Just make sure your kid doesn’t point a cigarette at someone and say ‘bang’.
The sky would surely implode.

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Sadly, could not find a baby bullet/bomb/gun, so here is my favorite family shot:


Sounds about right. I’ve always thought of Halloween as the day when kids get to have fun, and the rest of the country gets to regress 50 years.

Google is not proving helpful here…?

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Really, dayum, I must have the term wrong, but up here in Canada it refers to the manner in which the cashier counter & moreso the wall behind the cashier counter were plastered in cigarette marketing, ostensibly because that is where the cigs were, but also because of the display normalizing their use.

Now the cigs are kept behind plain white cardboard doors which slide aside for the employee to have access, & labeled with small black text so that they know where all the different brands & varieties are. It is a tremendous difference.

It’s not so bad!

Just Bluntman & Chronic babies costumes!

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